No, I’m not going to stop talking about Dugin. Here’s why, he says it himself

In his hysterical hatred toward all this he finds the goal in my person. So he hates me and makes it feel. Is he right to see in me and in Eurasianism the conscious representation of all this? Am I the East and the defender of the Eastern values? Yes, it is exact. So his hatred is directed correctly.

Jiang Shigong, Kishore Mahbubani, their skin looks eastern, their names sound eastern. They’re nothing, Dugin is the East.

I had this thought when–and I have this terrible habit of giving weapons to my enemies oh well–I realized that, much of what Dugin says could be rewritten, substituting the word “China” for “Russia” and pretty much the same point would be made. I don’t like the idea of a Chinese boot on my face so I hate to say any of this. Nonetheless, I try to be objective. The Chinese could really benefit from translations of Dugin. Especially if they were rewritten so that Russia isn’t central, or isn’t even mentioned at all. “Excerrent, the waves we beamed into his head when he was sreeping from our saterrite were effective.” As opposed to Carvalho who is pro-America (in its paleoconservative christian variety) and as opposed to Dugin who is pro-Russia, and as opposed to Shigong who is pro-China, I don’t like any of you. I want to dismantle all of you, I’ll tell you the truth. So how about we dig up some dirt on Dugin now, to pit the Russians against the Chinese so they destroy each other? Does that sound fun to you?

China isn’t the same country it was when he wrote Foundations of Geopolitics, and so he had a different attitude toward it that can be useful to understand. Because now, as we saw with the China-Russia alliance on outer-space, they understand that together they are more of a threat to the US. And like I said yesterday, being too brutal will have a negative effect on economic and other relations. So Dugin can be expected to be biased in this sense, and it shows- one doesn’t criticize one’s key ally too harshly, if at all. In the 90s that was a bit different. Remember that Schmitt is popular in China. They have the same enemy, and that makes them friends. Russia needs China more than China needs Russia. What I don’t think Dugin realizes is that China will imperialize Russia once the US is out of the way. He seems to expect a fantasy paradise where the US is dissolved and all the different countries live autonomously and in harmony. No, they’re going to Sino-ize you too. I’ve mentioned before that Russia is a lot of land, and those Chinese cities sure are over-populated, if you catch my drift. Dugin’s hatred of America blinds him, he just wants it gone, he doesn’t put enough thought into what happens after that.

This is interesting to me

However, he has changed his thinking in line with Kremlin foreign policy.

(on China since the 90s). This is one of the points Carlaho makes too from the outset.

Now Professor Dugin, the son of a KGB officer and the political mentor of a man who is the very incarnation of the KGB, is the creator and guide of one of the widest and most ambitious geopolitical plans of all time – a plan adopted and followed as closely as possible by a nation which has the largest army in the world, the most efficient and daring secret service and a network of alliances that stretches itself through four continents. Saying that Professor Dugin is at the center and pinnacle of power is a simple question of realism.

So you might have read some essays by that Jiang Shigong and got the impression that he’s a servant of the CCP. Something similar with Dugin and the Kremlin.

Heh heh heh

I’d like to know about that side of the Russian mind

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