Finally, I give to you a US perspective – this is from

I wonder what it’s like in “mirrorworld”. Did Russia’s “” publish a report on the propaganda ecosystem of the US? We must have something like this that tries to influence the Russians, right? Also related- I’d like to find a report similar to the above except on Chinese research centers, or sorry, propaganda outlets as our calls them.

You can be the judge! The way they frame these sites is so dishonest. At least that’s how I see it. You can be the judge.

Conspicuous that they don’t publish in Persian or Chinese, no? Two of its closest allies, whether formally or not, I wonder if there are further sites designed specially for them?

Moving on, this sounds somewhat sinister to you, doesn’t it?’s listed physical address matched the same address occupied by Katehon until April 2019. Its chief editor, Leonid Savin, was formerly Katehon’s chief editor. Savin is affiliated with the IEM and is reportedly a member of the Military-Scientific Society of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian Ministry of Defense? And who is this Savin? I know him as the one who wrote this and alerted me to the Podesta-Soros “Transition Integrity Project”. Could you see them as part of the KGB? If they are, alright, I appreciate them. I wish they’d dig up the latest pluto-bureau plot to game the election. Remember, they conducted that one in June, and they’re bound to have done a couple more projects like that since then, unfortunately they’re probably classified slash selectively distributed to media CEOs, democrat congresspersons, and the like.

I think of it this way- if they’re the Kremlin, and our globalist liberal empire sees them as the enemy, then they have more incentive than most to make known certain information that we won’t find from those enmeshed in the system here. For instance, this is pretty enticing

Is it a conspiracy or not? I don’t know, I’m going to click it though.

The distance from Putin of Dugin and these sites is probably strategic. What does anyone really know about Putin? If he has these research centers formulate ideas he would agree with, it’s better that other countries don’t know. That way he can operate more mysteriously, and wouldn’t be able to be so easily anticipated. The KGB would read this and think “You’re right! Keep quiet about that!” If does indeed give us some idea of who Putin is then I like Putin. And by the way, all these terrible toxic trolls on the internet with their frog avatars, Trump hates their guts!

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