“Du Jin” might as well be a frontman for China now that I think about it. In China’s general thought-web–why do I even tell you these things?–all he would need is a refurbishment given that his Fourth Political theory implicitly refutes the CCP. Otherwise, he would be very dangerous in the hands of the Chinese, given that they don’t have the intellectual power of the Russians. If they do, just speculating, you’re never going to hear about him. That would give too much away about their strategy, which they do not want other countries or their own citizens to know. Something else I wouldn’t be surprised about- that if Xi persecutes qigong groups he probably consults them as well. Some of those shiftier Uighurs and Tibetans, we’ve seen evidence that there is a “for me, not for thee” system among the CCP. Where they have access to certain publications, as the 91 million, while the rest of the 1.5 billion don’t have much of a clue about it. Same with the US no doubt, except we don’t have a CCP here, that’s what they really want. They want liberal equalism state-controlled. People are worried about Biden and Trump when there’s a more daunting superstructure on the horizon. Basically, that’s it. If America continues on its path, further and further left, the actual CCP will be taking over. One thing the Muslims are right about is that the West is a materialistic, hedonistic civilization. Once that continues to “progress” it will be easy for the Chinese to step in and engineer coups of their own, so they have puppets who work for them at the highest levels of government. I seriously do not even like to criticize Joe because just something about being cruel to elders, just doesn’t seem right, I’m not trying to be condescending, I have a similar feeling with Trump when I look at the repliers to his tweets- You would talk to an old man that way? That’s not respectful. Joe had the right heart sometime back in the day, he was a brilliant vocalist if you watch him when he was young, his face even reminds me of Leary’s somehow, I just think it all added up over time and they truly convinced him that he was doing the right thing. Same with Hillary, her memoir contains I lose count of how many times she mentioned “democracy”, and she never describes why she believes in democracy. Just a word she uses. She probably thinks of herself as doing good, and so she’s innocent in that way. She was led to never have anyone question her beliefs. Can you fault her on that? Another word she often used to describe her interference with other countries was “leadership”. If you think of the globe, rather than the US, they try to create this strawman of Trump as being the exemplification of authoritarianism, when the reality is that he’s trying to protect the country from totalitarian authoritarianism across the sea. Isolationism means we’re trying to focus on our own country instead of others. Why don’t leftists like that? Because they want to interfere with your lives. And after all these four years I don’t trust the left whatsoever, they’re absolutely morally bankrupt. Interfere in other countries’ lives? Trump interfered with the life of America. He said, what are you doing caring about them, don’t you think we should care about this place? The people behind the scenes trying to interfere with the Mexico situation don’t care about this place. That Brazilian said it, that’s the truest thing I’ve seen- it isn’t foreign powers that are the enemy, it’s the Americans themselves. They want a CCP here. Not thee CCP, not at first, they want state socialism, and that’s what Biden’s smiling face represents. With Trump as the face, as the one judging them and seeing them as contemptible people, it isn’t so easy to justify global imperialism to the people. So you can think of it as wanting to globally imperialize this very method. They want to universalize a Crooked Hillary in every country. Isn’t that what follows from all this? They at the same time want to be a corrupt government establishment and create corrupt government establishments throughout the world. If anyone disagrees they say Look at our gdp, look at our nukes. I look up to those Tibetans, who were exiled from one of these regimes. Instead of being disappeared they’re still alive on some level. “Du Jin”, is he alive or is he a servant of the Russian Orthodox state religion? .. It’s so easy to distract using these countries, why don’t Americans ever wonder if they’re living in a regime similar to Putin’s or Xi’s? “That’s Trump.” Why would the establishment have so much vitriol about him then? Don’t think I forgot the day when he was diagnosed with COVID and saw how everyone would secretly be happy if he was dead or killed. They want the president to die if that means a US-CCP. Just trying to be objective again, we could solve this problem by killing the billionaires, who have only helped the powers that be. I dunno, do you have any evidence of one saying anything substantial against them? They’re all sell-outs. If they themselves are in involved in the coup to turn the US into an authoritarian country controlled by the CCP then it’s time to kill them all.

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