The other day I bet that there was a book on each of the countries the CIA has “interfered” with, now I’m looking to see if I was right.

Since WW2, the US has

We should have started gaining expertise on all this during the time Russiagate started, it’s probably too late now. At least for this cycle. I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon so might as well start trying to get them down to a science now. That’s how to coup them eventually.

I’m not sure how biased the following books are, we’ll need an army of readers for this project, because uh, as you can see above, that’s a lot of countries, a lot of operations, and sorting through the deceptions that are published is going to be one of our main obstacles.

So, in no particular order, Libya

When I type “CIA coup” the first results are three on Iran in a row for some reason


Two countries on opposite sides of the world at once, because, why not?

“The 50s? Who cares about the 50s, they’re not the same anymore” – alright here ya go

The United States of America

A lot of these books I’m finding were written years after the interference took place, so I don’t expect the best account of the “Trump coup” to be available for a while. Might as well check out what’s already been published though.



Hmm I think I’d prefer to read the one written by the Hispanic guy, just a hunch. That’s another dimension to this- books published by the countries the interference took place in probably can be trusted more than ones published by the Great Satan.

Books in Arabic on the CIA and Mossad, hmm…


Two million dead, some estimate.


I bet Alvarho has written about this somewhere?! An encyclopedic intellect, that one.


Wikispooks, that’s a thing?

Osama Bin Laden endorsed this writer – take that however you want.

Wikispooks, this is awesome

grrrr No I’m not thinking about biting someone’s windpipe out right now.

Bilderbergers? Those are my best friends. This might be my new favorite site

Jimmy Wales has nothing on Wikispooks

It’s my fantasy to have Flight of the Valkyries start playing deafeningly loud and then for a balm to go off at one of these gatherings. You know, like lip balm. Not, I stress, like napalm.

What can beat this site??


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