The mysteries of the internet

What, I just want to know what they have to say

Does this count as working with the KGB?

One of the first results

Is that the best operation in the history of world intelligence services, or have we been living in one? Controlled collapse of the US, now that would be an achievement.

Another one of the first results

15 other intelligence organizations, which are far more effective than the CIA

Who’da thunk it?

Business is business

Asking the right questions

how many non-specialists know what is hidden, for example, behind the abbreviations RUMO or NSA?

RUMO, what are you talking you Russian?

Overseas and here

Military intelligence, political intelligence

Practice makes perfect

After studying, American intelligence officers will be sent to “practice” in Afghanistan, Iraq, in the “crisis countries” of Africa and Latin America.

This article is from 2012, things changed after 2016

What else can our .ru friends teach us?

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