Doing some genealogy on the intelligence agencies, it looks like that Russian from yesterday might have been on to something.

This other one says that this happened in 2004

And here is the speech from Dubya that confirms it

This is an interesting connection – Mueller, remember that guy?

I wonder if Mueller wouldn’t have liked a president talking about building a border wall, because he himself had discovered that drug-trafficking was a lucrative business?

Organized crime you say?

Do you think you would get that thought in your head, dear reader? If you were the FBI, and knew you were accountable to no one and could easily get away with making money off the war on drugs, the war on terror? Would that stray thought ever cross your mind? We can do better than these feds. We have more than enough evidence that they’re dirty. Want me to link to 20 more books on their interference in other countries? It’s time for them to go. We’re living in one of their operations at this very moment! They want to engineer Biden’s victory so that they have even more control. Absolute control. We’re living in a modern form of tyranny, a fat, corrupt, greedy king, just like the old days.

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