Just a preliminary search on the KGB’s ideas about the CIA and I’m floored. They’ve been watching them closely. Why wouldn’t they have? Think none of them survived since the 80s and 90s?

If you were to ask what my immediate interpretation of Vladimir Putin is, I’d say that he poisons liberals. If that started happening here would that be for the best? You can have your own thought in your mind about that.

Anyway, I haven’t moved to Russia so clearly I’m not a hagiographer on him, nor Trump, I like Plato. Those do too in a certain sense. Netanyahoo is an old testament supremacist. And then Marx is a cladistical proponent of that so you see where Xi is. We already have global socialism, from the perspective of someone who sympathizes with Italian fascism like I do. “Socialism good, fascism bad”, that’s what the jargon is these days. Totally not a fascist way to speak, to frame it that way.

I hate to tell you, I like the Russians, and I wish they allied with the fascists in the old days, they’re more similar than Russians are to either Americans or Chinese.

“Eurasianism” is pretending the world war didn’t happen. The Soviets sided against the good Germans. They’re ensnared in their own problem with the true enemy

The same old Bolsheviks at it again. Vladimir, why don’t you rant like I do? Typische.

That is what the role of a world leader should be, ranting about other countries without filter. Instead we get? People who try to play the game, lay low, don’t start any fights about anything. Xi will once his plans unfold.

KGB files on the CIA, NSA, and the 20 others. What do the Russians understand about this place?

Carvalho expresses the condition they find themselves here, I wonder if the KGB could find advantage in understanding this?

Our tendency to see the Soviets as a devil only distracts from the crimes of the US throughout the world. The KGB and CIA are more similar than I expected. Nepotists mostly, and people who survived the purges and were able to keep parroting the same things over and over again.

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