As their main enemy for decades it seems to follow that they would be the best experts on them

Look how many there are when you type the Russian word for CIA into that pdf site.

There’s no such thing as former KGB Putin said. They must have experts on our intelligence agencies over there. Who are they?

Notice how our own covert agencies primed us to not even ask these questions with that all that Russiagate distraction. “Those are bad people, why would you even bother thinking about their version of the CIA?” “You’re a bad person for even thinking about that.” They effectively stop us from even wondering those things, because you wouldn’t even have that level of thought to think to think [sic] about them.

What’s KGB in Russian?


It took so much hacking of the American psyche to think to search for a book like this. You spooks can’t control my mind.

Typing КГБ into that Russian search engine I find this

I wonder if they have memoirs about their enemy? Have their been any double-agents who worked for the CIA and returned to Russia and wrote about them? What are the magic cyrillic words I could type in to find them?

US-Russian spy scandal? 2010?

Wouldn’t that be something, talking to a KGB who spoke flawless ‘Merican English.

He’s called агентом нелегальной разведки, an “illegal intelligence agent” – people from the last 20 years who have spied in the US, that’s who I want to find.

My first thought is, would Putin (oil plutocracy et al) allow that information to be in the public sphere? Does he have an incentive to maintain some semblance of an illusion of friendship with the US? Or would that kind of thing make them happy? Would they like to see books published about the crypto-workings of our covert agencies? Their connections with the MSM etc? There are probably some magic cyrillic words to type in to find that. Many of them still blame the collapse of the USSR on us, so it seems they’d have the incentive to do everything in their power to pay us back in the same coin as “Du Jin” put it. With the corruption of our institutions, I realize that I have the same enemy as “the former КГБ”.

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