In recent years, Russian intelligence has suffered one setback after another. 4 years ago, a list of 79 of her employees working undercover in different countries appeared in the public domain.


Under one or more of these authorities, the United States has designated for activities related to election interference at least 49 Russian persons, including Russia’s leading intelligence and military intelligence agencies.

In upside-down world, the ones who interfere with elections sanction others for the same thing. I don’t trust the people in charge of sanctions, the lobbies behind it all, the research centers, ford foundation, brookings, bilderbergers, etc. If someone is sanctioned then I am automatically interested in knowing about them, not less. I put sanctions on the bilderbergers, how about that? A neo-Napoleon would probably torture them on the rack. I know of torture methods I don’t even speak of because of karma. A living hell beyond your wildest imagination.

Anyway, we can examine that Russiagate phenomenon and infer that the intelligence agencies and interlinked MSM apparatus designate the Russians as the most capable enemy. That is to say, most capable non-US enemy. Their enemy #1 is Trump. They use the Russians as a way to undermine Trump. If they decided to use them out of anyone it tells us something.

I wonder if there’s an “information cold war” between them. They know all about the “former KGB” which is now known as the GRU, the SVR, the FSB, among others, and these Russian agencies have their own crypto-understanding of the CIA, NSA, etc. This is getting closer to the Russian boogeyman they tried to scare us with. So what do they know, who are the concrete persons? Out of revenge for the USSR have any published anything in the last 20 years? I imagine that if we ever did drain the swamp we’d employ certain Russians to help us. An ironic twist from the times we thought KGB agents were mainly what we meant by “swamp”.

Let me state the basics. They’re not part of the EU, they’re white and thus smart, and they had an intel system that was almost as good as ours until the 90s. That makes them extremely conspicuous if you ask me. If anyone knows how to undermine our own intel system, it’s them.

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