Finding some key info about “our greatest ally”

You can apply this same process to China and Iran, our other two enemies. China seems to be incredibly secretive and I don’t expect to find much from their intel agencies. We have a different situation with Iran. We at least try to maintain some sort of friendliness with China, whereas with Iran we bomb them, just stating the obvious. So the latter has more of an incentive to cast all caution to the wind and talk all kinds of shit about the US, not to mention Israel, so once again, it’s a matter of typing in the magic Persian words. “What are you going to do car-bomb more of our nuclear scientists? Oh wait, you’ll keep doing that anyway.” Anyway let’s not get ahead of ourselves- this is that Sergei Tretyakov fellow mentioned above. He defected in 2000 so he can’t be that great of use to us. The kind of defector [перебежчик] I’m looking for wouldn’t be safe in either the US or Russia. It’s possible that Putin&co. have it out for us to such a degree that an agent wouldn’t even need to defect in order to reveal damning information about the US. Let’s put it this way, Putin is more powerful the less we know what he knows.

To put it into perspective, there have been reports that the Mossad isn’t so trustworthy themselves with US intel, i.e. they spy on us even though have been flipping them pity shekels for decades. The difference is, they have less of an incentive to collect and disperse info than the Chinese, Russian, or Iranian intel agencies. If I were these last three I’d be putting all sort of info into the public sphere to undermine the US. They must have a fear that if they did that then the US would return the favor. Just trying to get into the heads of all these people, it’s my idea of fun.

Anyway, here is that defector Tretyakov’s account of the intel agencies. Naturally naturally he died mysteriously while living in Canada a couple years after the book was published.

What I want to find is a more recent defector. The non-SVR Russian writers I’ve found just from a casual search have shed more light on our intel agencies than American accounts I’ve found, so I can only imagine what actual members of the SVR could tell us.

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