Do you see “the matrix” I’m implicitly warring against here? I’m already seeing signs that they’re using Russia as the scapegoat again.

You have to start from the premise that the concept of “presidency” is misleading, and that the MSM is its own kind of President, more precisely the connected network of the MSM-covert agencies-corporations-academy is its own kind of President.

Look at those connected entities as a single person, even, to turn the tables on them, think of those connected entities as a Putin-like figure. They are an authoritarian force that wasn’t exactly elected fairly and they control information that the public is able to see.

So what they’re doing is scapegoating actual Putin, someone who is in fact very similar to them.

And the way I’ve been turning it around on them recently is wondering if, rather than “the enemy”, the Russians are the very people who could help us most against our own version of Putin in the US. And this does seem to be the case.

Using the russia-scapegoat and all the other disinformation could be seen as similar to the way that Putin poisoned Navalny. That’s their way of symbolically poisoning Trump, so that they can have absolute power with Biden-Puppet (really, eventually Harris-Puppet) as the innocent face of their warmongering, corporacratic spook regime of opinion-control.

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