Twas published in 2001, I wonder if there have been any secondary writings about it since then? Maybe some that relate it to the present day?

Some preliminary links

Something that the Zionist Carvalho doesn’t mention about the “horde of thieves and murderers as never before seen in any civilized country”

It would be inaccurate to characterize Solzhenitsyn as an antisemite as he portrays “good Jews”, anti-Stalinists, in his fiction, and besides that is pro-Israel, it’s just somewhat peculiar that this is one of the final books he wrote in his life, and one that is more than a thousand pages at that. How have Russians reacted to this over the last couple decades? He’s a national hero over there, and a nobel laureate.

I found this to be a troubling sign about Russia

From the first link I clicked

In Solzhenitsyn’s book, there is nothing that would speak of what united Russians and Jews in Russia. Only about what separated them.

Yes, division!

There’s probably a smorgasbord of discussions about it on the Russian internet, enjoy.

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