Do you not have one thoughtcrime when seeing this historical representation?

I have lots of thoughts you’re not allowed to think when going through the historiography of this. Most are too constrained by their caste which is more or less equivalent to an animal by other castes to even see this history without biases that cannot be eliminated. If you interpret the history they tell you incorrectly then you are a sinner and you will be removed from public life. The more well-researched pdfs about this subject the better.

Here is the first result with .ru I click

And from the source linked in the previous post,

Alexander Isaevich, perhaps, I don’t even think about it, he kind of told us that they were 200 years together and ended. Those. that now, of course, among the Russians there will be very different representatives of the most different peoples, but the very largest Jewish diaspora that existed, it is, obviously, nationally thinking Jews for the most part will leave for Israel, people preoccupied with life will leave for Europe and America , and here in Russia there will be Russian Jews, who, by the way, are, and they always will be, and people who are engaged in Russian business, and there are not so many of them.

KGB Bolsheviks in America? Who would expect that?

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