Xi and the princelings remind me of Hillary and the bilderbergers. That’s why feds and the interlocked MSM is so bad, because she was part of their plan and their was big money in that plan. Now they want to use the next face of the Obama-Hillary-Biden entity to carry them out. Democracy and communism are similar in that they claim to care about everyone, i.e. implicit in this is care about everyone even those who wouldn’t otherwise be cared about. Both are a form of “worker-ism”. At least that’s the surface. That’s what’s similar about Xi and the princelings on one hand and Hillary and the bilderbergers on the other. I’ve detailed before the telos of marxism and the french revolution, how their ideologies result in feminism and anti-racism. Hillary was the face of liberalism, the face of caring about everyone-ism. Even though she was backed by all these corporations and spooks which are intrinsically at a great distance from “everyone”. Same with Xi and the princelings, billionaires who control everything with the face of we’re the worker’s party!

I wonder what both of their plans will be in the next decade. I expect China to take points directly out of the CIA playbook. Probably shady conferences have already taken place on how they will divvy up the coup-targets “peacefully”, i.e. people between the US and China, and a malleable plaything existence for everyone else. That’s how a potential war could erupt in the future between the US and China. “That’s MY country to coup!” “No, that’s MY country to coup!” Looks like we’re going to have to try to coup each other now. What you have to understand about the Chinese is that they suffered the most human deaths in history and…… they kept the same ideology!! They don’t care about all those people dying because there are so many of them. Same mentality in regard to a future war. They could throw 200 million at us and it would be nothing to them, birth pangs of the revolution as it were. Meanwhile our population will be absolutely devastated beyond repair, probably hunting the surviving leaders like post-WW2 nazis and placing our citizens into servitude. Anyway that’s the normal stuff I think about when I wake up in the morning, now I found Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics on the Russian internet (it’s disappeared on google) to see what he had to say about China prior to their emergence as a quasi-superpower. We might do well to search into how the Soviets dealt with China over the years too, since they weren’t always the best of pals either. I wonder if Putin has angst about that? He’ll probably be dead of old age by the time things get interesting in that regard. It’s who controls China after Xi and what his plans are that is going to be decisive for world-history.

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