Can already see the writing on the wall with this

RE McMaster’s phrasing- China’s “predatory economic strategy” which we’re beginning to see terrestrially.

I’d like a psy-phi to read on that one. Speculative fiction like that is similar to that game-strategy of the Podesta-Soros project to insure the “integrity” of the election (pff).

Guess who didn’t sign? Take a wild guess. China and Russia.

I can’t help it, I’m reading the Artemis Accords through Chinese eyes and it reeks of western ideology. I can pretty much copy and paste all 18 pages of it to demonstrate that.

“China”, “law”? You mean 法律?

The California Gold Rush was really known for its respect of the law. We know that the west can’t be trusted, all they do is plunder other peoples and then lie about it. Xi, I read earlier, explicitly remembers

I’m going to have to do a walkthrough on the Opium War one of these days. It’s a pretty inhuman page of history. Xi is actually known as somewhat of a historian, and if he’s framing China’s err restoration around the Opium War then he probably doesn’t have many kind thoughts about the west (cough blame the brits exclusively not us, cough cough bomb the UK and call it even) oh god the implications of that, I’m gonna have to research Xi’s take on that.

Anyway, “international rules” aren’t going to be a thing in the next few decades, and that’s when “we’re all” expecting to have some sort of infrastructure on the moon. I’ve isolated parts of the moon already that are known to be where certain key resources are concentrated, that’s where there’s going to be some kind of conflict. I’m sure we’ll figure it all out peacefully, as human history on earth has shown!

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