Hilarious schadenfreude with this one

Zuckerberg even started learning Mandarin so he could ingratiate himself to the Chinese, and to no avail!

China banned facebook in 2009

and get this

He must be pissed. They must have “cloned” it like they did with Murdoch’s businesses there. Zuckerberg was literally waving around Xi Jinping’s tome The Governance of China and trying to get his employees to read it.

This is just desperate

Maybe he’s a sort of cultural meteorologist though and he’s simply anticipating the “China Restoration”. What do you have to do to make sure their boot is less on your face? Married to a Chinese woman in 2012, I’m not gonna say it I’m not gonna say, I told you! I’m not gonna say it.

Reading this, when you put it that way uh…

Xi has already recentralized authority to an extent that could justify considering him the single most powerful human being on earth.

Really Zuckerberg, out of all people you’re accusing someone else of this?

He’s like, “I wanted a monopoly, you can’t have the monopoly, I don’t like you anymore.” If anything, I hope Xi’s policies help Zuckerberg think about his own actions over the years. “Wow, that’s how people see me??” Speaking of that, is the NYpost still locked out of their twitter account for that Hunter Biden story? Look at that, yup, four days now. Our crossover to the CCP won’t even be that turbulent. –Wait a second, I just noticed that

he was jogging through Tiananmen Square. What was the message he was trying to send? “I will conceal that for you. I know what you don’t want them to know about. Trust me, I have lots of experience in the west with this sort of thing.” Yes, that’s what he was saying, there’s no doubt in my mind.

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