When you google “civil war” the first result is American Civil War, 1861-1865. There was another civil war going on in the world at that time, that we, Britain, and France, were responsible for. That was in China, the place that’s going to have power over us pretty soon here, and who hasn’t forgotten about that time in history. They estimate 20 million dead, and that’s just from the Taiping Rebellion alone. 618 thousand dead in our Civil War, thee civil war ha. Xi alludes to this time in history when he talks about the China Dream, which is kind of like his version of Make America Great Again. Do you want to know what they call that general time in history?

Just anecdotally, the subject of that was brought up to a few people when I was in China and they had a sad way of talking about it, they looked down at the ground and it seemed they were ashamed, that was my sense anyway. So… my first question is who is going to be the pathetic westerner who apologizes for it only because they know that the Chinese are in a place to kill them or get revenge in some other way? Just looked it up, and Britain (the main instigator) has never apologized. Which makes me laugh, because imagine us apologizing to Iran. The Chinese probably look at all of our coups–yes, our, that’s how they’re going to interpret it, as our responsibility–and think, huh, they’re still doing that same thing they did to us almost 200 years ago! Why do these people deserve to have any fair or humane treatment?

I wouldn’t have done that, gotten them all addicted to opium and then declared war when they wanted to keep the drug dealers out. The CIA would have. Talk about destabilizing countries, I wonder if some of them blame all the deaths from Mao on us, indirectly.

Before there was liberal democracy,

Tariff? How do you think they see this?

How do you think they might see our mind-numbing garbage culture?

They’re going to be getting revenge on us.

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