The best thing I’ve seen for a while

He disappeared and he returned. I thought it was suspicious when they accused him of buying a boat with the wall money the other day, they probably knew he was doing work like this and that was the best thing they could find on him. I wonder if he was cruising around talking to people on that boat where feds can’t tune in. Sometimes you just need a boat, even if it’s to better enjoy Evola, even better if it’s to do what Evola would do in 2020.

Is this another one that disappeared?

I do like the name of the site that this is posted on. I know Viking would feel as bad as me if there was a rebellion against tyranny resulting in the deaths of ten thousand, one hundred thousand. His defense of anti-constitutionalism gets to the heart of the debate too- if our undeclared, informal president (i.e. all those in power who don’t like Trump challenging them) operates outside of the bounds of constitution, which is revealed through and through with the covert agencies, or exploits the constitution because it’s so old and needs to be rewritten anyway, what options are we left with? You either have a people’s movement (armed), and that is difficult because of the mentioned feds who tune to everything everyone says (hence redacted), then you have the option of the elected president using the military and right-leaning intel forces to eviscerate the spooks and the plutocrats behind them, as Xi seems to be working on now across the world, at least on the surface. Because Bannon’s above revelations could potentially further implicate the CCP royals in their own corruption schemes. We’ll have to see. All the dirty governments of the world should be scrutinized and, when appropriate, deposed, and ours is one of those, that is my idea of imperialism, and I don’t think Trump or republicans in general are too different from me in seeing it that way, they’re just not allowed to talk about it. And that leads to them being even more fervently opposed to the established order, because you aren’t even allowed to criticize it. So what does one do in that case? Bloodshed is the only option left. The billionaires who should all be shot one by one will either engineer it or stand passively by like they have recently and even in the last years and decades. We have to beware of a counter-counter-coup too, they want to hold on to power of the slave-caste that is the US population and the rest of the world through military might, so they’ve been tracking how it could play out, who knows, maybe Viking up there is just some kind of AI puppet they use to mimic him to lead us all into death and prepare the way for a more obedient US CCP. We’re already not too far away from that now, hence the hints about murder. You have to drive someone a great distance away from what is right before they start thinking about rising up and murdering people. I personally am at that point, have been for years in fact. It depends how corrupted our military is, because if they have them in mind-control too then we don’t have much of a chance. It all relies on defectors from the silent majority. If they try to install a hyper-socialism here, how many would actually be willing to join a local army and gather into a militia outside of state-control?

Sign me up.

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