I just like to bring people presents, you wouldn’t imprison me for that would you, “Biden”?

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Seriously I’m not a furry though. There’s something funny about furries at first and then you see one like this and you’re like, Nope

Probably what those antifa freaks do in their freetime.

Anyway, just trying to humanize a demonized way of thinking, like usual. Dear reader, have you been played?

Ok I’m done, back to business.

I’d never considered this eye. “Detailers of Israeli decline”. The other day I saw a survey on whether Israelis liked America and it was something like 82% yes 18% no and I thought those 18% are such ingrates, and now I’m wondering if there’s a “mutual occupation” and Israel has to deal with American influence itself in order to keep getting funding – “The American Lobby”. I wonder what these people could tell us, they’re particularly unique. Why should we care about other countries? The globe is connected. Anytime you talk about the US, the US election, you’re simultaneously talking about a few other specific countries too, namely Israel and its enemy-counterpart Iran, and China, the looming enemy of the US-Israel entity. So, the dialectic has naturally unfolded such that I currently am browsing the Israeli internet for info on those Israeli Duginists.

This is from 1998, the plot was to have a Quran in its mouth

To understand Jewish-Muslim relations if you’re a Nietzschean, imagine that the Muslims are Derridaeans, who deviated from neech, using his deconstructive spirit for the purpose of bringing about democracy – haven’t you ever considered rolling a pig’s head with Of Grammatology in its mouth down the hall of a postmodern philosophy department?

Here’s an idea of what I’m getting at

He was also asked about how he would evaluate Armenia-Israel relations and the opening of an Armenian embassy in Israel. 

An Israeli “Geopolitician”, that’s useful.

it is important for awareness to increase across the world about the Armenian tragedy. This is necessary not only for Armenia, but for everyone so that it never happens again. 

That’s a good joke, no one’s even heard of that genocide because of the ethnosupremacist egotism of the “Israelis”. And let’s not even bring up the Holomodor, 12 million dead in the 1930s.

This guy is interesting though

He has been attacked and harassed by both the Soviet KGB and the Israeli Shin Bet for his activities.He is probably the only Zionist activist who has been declared persona non grata and deported from America.

Another one of the rare ones like Shamir

What I’m looking for is info on the corruption of Israeli government, searching searching.

Avigdor Eskin, an ultraorthodox Israeli Jew, blames “Afro-Americanism” for the destruction of American culture

A Jew said it, not me. I wonder what other non-white people facilitate that destruction? Looks like he makes that clear above too.

Some other names in their general thoughtsphere

In 2008, Lozansky participated in a conference attended by Dugin, Sergey Kurginyan, Maksim Shevchenko, Aleksandr Zinovyev, Borislav Milosevic, Dzhemal, Valeriy Korovin, Israel Shamir and Israeli fascist Avigdor Eskin.

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