The Hunter Biden laptop could have international consequences, this Chinaman says the CCP is involved

He’s linked to this Chinaman

This is not a good look for the feds

FBI agents arrested Steve Bannon aboard Guo’s $28 million yacht in August 

Remember how the MSM framed the story? They’re in cahoots with the feds.

That first Chinaman says that the disks were sent to Pelosi and the DOJ too, that would be nice to take the surface gov, shadow gov, and informal gov (MSM) down in one fell swoop.

This article claims that billions are involved between the Bidens and the CCP.

Joe might be having a heart attack pretty soon

It is alleged that whatever was recorded on Hunter, i.e. how he sexually abused those Chinese women and young girls, was extremely unbearable to watch. 

This would be crazy if true

I hope all this takes down both the American and Chinese elites. Please please

According to Lu De, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also on the drive. 

This would just be too good to be true

If this is all a conspiracy it’s pretty damn entertaining, I’ll tell you that

information on the biological weapon programs on gene editing

These videos are from early as 9/24

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