A way I just saw it described was, So… Joe Biden is running for George W. Bush’s third term? I mean, it’s the fourth term if you make the Hillary-Bill connection too.

“We need different faces to throw them off! Make Trump the Prime Minister to throw them off more.”

I wonder what Trump could do if he were able to have executive powers and be President in the true sense?

All these different newspapers and colleges and coup-agencies operate outside the bounds of the constitution, and the one who is supposed to have supreme power in our country isn’t allowed to? Who doesn’t allow him to? That’s his choice.

Game theory- President Trump decides to arrest and interrogate any CEO or plutocrat who has given any sign that they are guilty of being malignant to the country.

What happens then?

Let’s think of the basics- men with guns will forcibly “collect” various suspicious persons and bring them in for questioning for an indefinite period of time.

Now, what can you expect to be a repercussion of this? Those corrupt ones in the military might not like that. Especially if members of the military themselves were detained.

So, how do we prevent that scenario? Start with the military first.

Once the others of the non-military catch wind of this they may try to escape, possibly to their Epsteinian island no one has ever heard of. That’s fine, that merely gives us more evidence that you had an incentive to escape, and will bolster the forces that seek to FIND YOU.

You’re being put in cuffs. You’re being taken away to a place where you’ll be questioned with methods that will make you talk, and there’s no way you’re going to prevent it. We have covert agencies of our own that track you. I myself am one of them in fact, and you better pray to God I’m not the one interrogating you.

A couple more parodies of democracy that should be researched

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