The dialectic

מאתיים שנה יחד

A Russian article from 2003

in Moscow alone, up to 3,000 copies are sold daily, and this is not enough. And in Israel the bookselling success of Solzhenitsyn’s new book is evident.

Trying to have the conversation you don’t want to have!

First search result using this engine

על אף שהמחקר מתיימר להיות מאוזן ואובייקטיבי, הרי נימותיו האנטישמיות גלויות ומסקנתו מחרידה: פשעם של יהודי רוסיה כלפי העם הרוסי משתווה לפשעם של הגרמנים בתקופה הנאצית כלפי העם היהודי.

Imagine for a moment that this were true. And that the descendants of these same people now live in America. Imagine if that were true.

This turns our state religion upside-down and renders its very foundation moot

המוטיב החוזר ונשנה אצל סולז’ניצין הוא כדלהלן. כמו שהגרמנים אינם יכולים להתנער מאחריותם לפשעי היטלר, הרוסים אינם יכולים להתנער מאחריותם לפוגרומים – כך על היהודים ליטול אחריות על “רוצחיהם המהפכניים”.

Because this has zero connection to WW2, right?

What would be fair, and respectful to history is if the orange man could bring this up

The proportion of Jews among party and government institutions and among the security services, i.e. the mechanisms of oppression, was very high, and disproportionate to their number. 

This happened in Soviet Russia, not present-day America by the way. This is from a review of a book by Солженицын, and he was from a totally different place and time.

Interesting number here

Nevertheless, the suffering of the Jews was nothing compared to the suffering of the Russian people from the criminal policy towards it, in which a large part of the Jews had a share. For example, in the collectivization, about 15 million farmers were expelled from their land and about 5-6 million died of starvation.

Wait a second, this happened in the 20th century? I was alive during the 20th century and I’m not even that old. I wonder if the descendants of the people who did this are much different from that generation? Y’know, sinning against goys, and not having any guilty conscience about it. How would a pre-Christian people ever be capable of that??

Speaking of the dialectic

Indeed, their high participation in the Bolshevik regime, said Solzhenitsyn, gave the Jews justification for Hitler’s hatred towards them, and later his death policy towards them.

Mustache man bad!

Whoa, this kills the basis of everything we believe in here

At the forefront of collaborations with the Germans in the extermination of the Jews were the Lithuanians and Latvians, followed by the Ukrainians – and this is because of the identifications of the Jews on the part of these peoples with the Soviet secret police and as the backbone of the Soviet empire.

Solzhenitsyn was one of the prime Revaluators of All Values of recent years.

I’m only through half of the first Hebrew article I found on this book.

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