Just having a grand old time using a .ru search engine. You find some strange things there that will make people not like you. They effectively buried the Russians just as they did the Germans. They don’t care about pluralism at all, that is a front. I’ve discovered that the ones they designate as the most evil are often the most interesting.

“Alright, what did you find? I don’t even care to know because I’m not like you, you might as well post it anyway though.”

Nah. You’re one of the people who’ve made me feel like I’ve been living in a gulag for years, why should I talk to you?

ahaha I’m going to cite this post when they detain me, “see I’m a schizophrenic”. Today I felt more paranoid than I have for a while, I see that as a good sign. Mossad gonna kill me, CCP gonna kill me, on walks I look at the driver’s side of cars that go by like they’re my lunch. Go ahead, do it, you’re some of the worst people in the world, I’d rather die than not say that about you. And I’d kill you too if I had the intel and the drones, so I wouldn’t blame you.

Just a casual sentiment, a conversation between gentlemen.

Anyway, here’s what I found for the next dialectical unlocking

Both of you would like to know this, wouldn’t you?

Who else would like to know this? Every country on earth? If they were perceptive enough to know what’s good for them?

I feel like a spiritual Russian when I browse .ru sites, I have to confess

I did happen to find a link that speculates on whether China is already zogged.

Who would want to know about that?? Absolutely no one.

Now this is just suspenseful

Does this make any of my yid readers nervous?

Of course not, because race isn’t real. Obsolete. Those wise hippies convinced us of that definitively after all.

I feel like Trump doing that UAE agreement now- why does a Christian have to be in this role? Dunno, ask millennia of history.

Whether it’s ZOG or COG, you both appear uncivilized to us. There is much pity in our interpretation of you, such that many of my kindred spirits will disavow my even saying this.

Neither can understand disagreement. To speak somewhat jarringly, they both have totalitarian blood. Whether ZOG or COG, I don’t want to live in either place. They’re both extreme sides of the continuum. You thought Puritans were bad, the CCP disappears people who talk about the rule of law. Jews know a thing or two about law, it’s what separates them from Christians. So we all have our own perspective of the conversation. Then there are different types of Christians too, and that’s another story altogether, same with Chinese and Jews, we’re just trying to get the basics down here. “What do you mean, you think a Chinese person is different from a Jew?” Do you see how absurd the equalists sound? Most people can’t even understand what I’m talking about because they’re so zogged. Even the Chinese, with Marx. The question will be to figure out to what degree they are already zogged. Would Marx push everything the NWO promotes these days? I am extremely doubtful. I’ve never seen a Marxist challenge them. That must mean they are Marxist to some degree. That’s how this works, their minions know about their hegemony, so it’s better to scold people who mention them. Their crumbling regime works best when no one knows. Anyway, here’s that link I’ve been musing on, that I’ve only read a few sentences of. I have no way of understanding the people who responded so viscerally to russiagate. I try to, I just don’t understand. They’ve still retained some kind of sanity. Once again, Xi, Putin, all the rest, obviously I talk about the need to create a neo-state for a good reason, no one trusts any of them, some of us relate them to Plato and, we learned Socrates’ fate. Many are like that in the West. That’s part of the structure of Christianity in a way. “Don’t question Judaeo-Christianity or you get the hemlock” with “martyrdom in order to die for Judaeo-Christianity” as mutually-reinforcing secularly-religiously. Socrates was the right one to preemptively question their premises. He’s the historical scapegoat of the totalitarians that can’t deal with disagreement.

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