Шанхайской клики

Shanghai clique, sometimes translated as Shanghai cabal. Been scouring their web for this.

topwar.ru also has interesting takes on our government. How the two differ

Taking into account the fact that Moscow and Beijing now have “special relations”, it is useful to understand the intra-elite dispositions of the PRC and the degrees of influence of each of the groups.

Another good article on them. In this one it mentions that Xi supervised the 2008 Beijing olympics. I find reference to this event recurrently, it was significant for them, for reasons I am only beginning to determine. Something similar to sport during the Cold War? More on this here.

marked China’s emergence as a major global player

Games as simulacra of war.

Between 1960 and 1980 the Soviet government invested heavily in sports infrastructure

I wonder how Du Jin interprets the “Miracle on Ice”. That was in 1980. In lieu of confrontational, internationally televised debate between world leaders, which, honestly could probably result in war, we have the olympics. “Sad!”

Anyway, back to that cabal, that’s my idea of playing hockey

At least six such groups can be distinguished. 

International cabal, wonder why I’ve never heard of this one

Jiang Zemin – founder of Grace Semiconductor Manifacturing Corporation, author of a dissertation on semiconductors and current employer of George’s fourth son Bush Sr. Neil Bush Jiang Mianheng and Major General of the PLA Jiang Miankang. 

Must be a “tradition” here, looking at the Bidens.

Anyway, on the Chinese side though,

this group includes 229 people

Who are our “229”? Wikispooks doesn’t have too bad of a provisional list. Those are the public ones. Take a look at a list of the richest people of every decade and you might see some names you’ve never heard of. They keep their real wealth and influence lowkey. You don’t hear much about the Gettys for instance. And there are plenty of tinfoil theories beyond them I won’t get into (at this very moment).

English websites tell me 8, occasionally 10- this according to this Russian one on China’s so-called Red Nobility,

12 people from the list have offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands

Who is really stupid enough to get caught with those? Must be the runts of the litter. Who else talks like me about anything? Give me my own TV channel already, those with the beak of a parrot and the beady eyes of a bat.

This needs to be researched, Bo’s continued presence in China, his allies

Thus, the most famous “princes” now are Xi Jinping himself and Bo Xilai.

It’s probably easy to lose track of Chinese names- Bo was imprisoned. Are his friends still free? Is there a clandestine war between them and Xi’s friends? It’s also possible to speculate that both groups are beholden to a higher structure of power.

Ahh perfect

Кстати, о возрасте. Слово «принц» обычно ассоциируется с юными мажорами, но в КНР юный мажор – это тот, кому около 50 лет, а просто мажор обычно находится в возрасте от 65 до 70.

Respect for elders is one of the most important Confucian virtues. Xi is 67, so only recently a major.

This is from a 2012 article. Jiang Zemin is still alive, three years younger than Kissinger, maybe a connection there.

Chinese politicians believe that the Shanghai clique was formed in 2004 by Jiang Zemin

In 2024, after our next election, Xi is still going to be in power, that’s why all this interests me. Some believe a war between us and China has already begun. “Don’t be dramatic.” Whatever you say.

The young majors should be investigated now, the proteges of the Shanghai cabal. Heh, looking at quotes from their sage on war, Sun Tzu, they’re probably taking points right out of his playbook, and so can we

See, I’m not much different from the CIA, I just have different values than them. “How to destabilize China?” – totally not a way they’d think. I’d like a harmonious relation with them, I just expect that they want world domination and revenge. Enough for now, some Chinese food is calling to me.

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