These Russians are awesome – this was written in August

If the loss of the presidential residence in Washington prompted the “shadow” structures to carry out “intercontinental” reshuffle, then what role does the US Democratic Party play in the alignment of forces and plans of these structures? Is this not the “political headquarters” of the so-called “world behind the scenes” anymore? And her “pocket” – the trillionaire asset management companies – BlackRock, FMR, the same Vanguard, as well as State Street, Capital Group, etc. – have they also retreated to the Middle Kingdom? Or do they “rule” the process from the USA?

Is this not fun to you?

остановимся на тех вещах, которые интересны с точки зрения интерпретации Пекином ситуации в мире, состояния отношений с США и действий американской стороны, целей и задач собственной внешней политики.

Why would a Russian of all people be concerned with thinking and writing about this?

… the “close ties” of the PRC leadership with the “shadow” centers of global influence.

By the beginning of the 70s, the American elites “matured” to the idea of ​​using the “Chinese card” in the Cold War against the USSR and decided to play it.

Hunter Biden must just be the surface of these ties.

I wonder if there’s a selective alliance. Approximately- with Shanghai or Beijing?

Once again, if this is just a conspiracy it’s an enthralling one

The second argument in favor of China’s “shadow” ties with the American elites is parasitic on the theme of the so-called “golden project”, according to which the Celestial Empire was assigned the role of a “transshipment base” from the current world order to the new one.

I was half-joking the other day when I speculated that our elites would be given Taiwan as their own personal patch, and now after seeing Hunter and Dubya’s brother’s Sino-connections, and now these Russian sites, I’m really starting to wonder about this.


Maybe that’s why they had to settle for Jeb!, because Neil was busy elsewhere.

Nothing suspicious about this, in light of what has recently emerged on the Bidens, right?

Looks like there’s a book published this year that investigates this connection.

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