Another like that Australian

Now he has published his second book on elites in the Chinese leadership

This one is Николай Вавилов, Nikolai Vavilov. Here is a link to the text of his book on Chinese elites

This is the one who wrote that article I drew from in my previous post on the “close ties” between the West and the CCP.

Finding next to nothing on him on google, I’m so done with google.

We still have to raise the question of whether or to what degree the Chinese “control” the internet of Russia as well too though. Formally or not, that is Putin’s most important ally, so he might even “slant” what information is and is not available.

I wouldn’t have expected this

Types of Hans… Is there a… I’m not even going to ask that question. Brahmin Han.

Most of the maps I find don’t even mention Shanghai, another one that’s somewhat of a crypto-hub

So we add another group into the mix

Vavilov references a book called Our China by Li Ling

Do you think this shapes the thinking of this Shaanxi group?

Out of all the places they could be from…

Some information on Xi and Qin here

Oh great, I can’t wait til they globalize this

Time to get into their heads while we still can.

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