From a 1995 article

And who’s the president of this Chinese bank? None other than the one in charge of Xi’s anti-corruption campaign.

It was Vavilov who I learned this from. He claims the “thunderstorm of all corrupt officials” are still in contact with Morgan Stanley.

The Communist Party of China, which has grown to nearly 90 million members, is a closed caste inviolable to law enforcement, and its highest political bodies are the “sacred cow” that have been tacitly banned from purges in the last 35 years of market reforms in the country.

35 years, that is, until Xi began purging corruption at numbers not seen since Mao’s day. It appears that certain CCP members have remained immune these last seven years of Xi’s reign.

Murdoch tried to carve out a place using media, Zuckerberg tried to use social media, and it looks like Morgan Stanley knew how to speak a more universal language.

Something unrelated that possibly needs research

The epidemic that scared Beijing, by the way, hit mainly the economy of Hong Kong

SARS, 2002. Was it an engineered attack on the newly-liberated HK? I read the other day that there are billionaires there who are related to people doing business there during the time of the Opium War.

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