They say this stuff right out loud?

This is called being owned

Blinken worked in the white house as far back as 1994. Putin has been in power for a total of 16 years.

Blinken is a strong Holocaustian

He had been Vice President Joe Biden’s right-hand man for almost two decades

So around the time the war in the middle east was brewing?

Let’s see who else is involved

Burns worked in the white house for old man Bush, then rapin’ Bill, then Dubya, the list goes on. Campbell was Hillary’s assistant secretary of state. I thought going back to old man Bush was ancient- Donilon worked for the Carter Administration! This is what we call the Washington Swamp. Imagine if Putin had been in power since the time of Carter, that’s called a dynasty, a kingdom, not a democracy. Sherman, worked with both Clintons, next, this irony,

Sullivan, another Clinton advisor. And these people are just the surface. I like the way this russkie puts it

Yeah, people who go to the same church have conflicting views too.

This can’t be real could it?

Biden’s headquarters, by the way, has already hired 600 lawyers – for possible legal battles over the voting results.

Legalistic rigging. That stereotype we have of lawyers- that’s what they are, that’s what they’re doing.

Maybe another clue about the China connection?

Remember part of the Bo controversy was that he had an MI6 agent killed, and they knew each other since the 90s. British intelligence must have a bulk of info on the red nobility.

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