This can’t be real

Please be real

Remember, he was as popular as Xi before he was taken down. Imagine Xi growing a beard down to his chest and taking up acting in prison – absurd.

Is this how they do it in China??

I’m losing it reading this story. This is how they carry out some form of justice there?

It’s known as the “Tiger Cage”

What was Xi’s experience watching that play? What, you think he didn’t watch that? This scenario could be turned into a play within a play itself, a movie.

The one who had Xi beaten until he was bruised has his own garden in there.

That Vavilov alleges that they weren’t purged because of “corruption”, it was because of their politics.

I keep having this tinfoil thought that if Western elites are in cahoots with the CCP then they have sway in the decision-making process behind the purges, who knows, that has lots of implications to consider.

See, this is why I like Russian media

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