More details on “the global network”

Lord Powell was Bo Guagua’s mentor

Brits, are the repliers to this article right?

We’re not only talking about the establishment here, we’re talking about the crypto-establishment too

This gets pretty grotesque, I have to warn you. This isn’t going to be something you’d expect. Gu Xilai ran a business called Horus Kai. What’s one thing that Egyptians are known for? There seems to be an MI6/CCP connection involving a pyramid scheme. Just kidding, it’s about mummification!

Apparently one of the reasons Bo was so popular was because he supported the persecution of adherents of Falun Gong. They weren’t always killed to be used as mummies (you’re going, WHY??!) oftentimes they just stole their kidneys. Human hearts sell for $180,000, would you kidnap a stranger for $180,000?

British representatives oversaw Gu Xilai’s show-trial

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