Found a list of the princelings. The first I’ve seen them talked about in the Chinese language, I should note. From 2004, and some of them I know of aren’t on the list. 226 people. Yesterday the number was 229. What’s the point of getting so precise anyway, huh? In case the people of China wanted to conduct a purge for themselves. I bet they’d appreciate a precise list. And, yes, I don’t even have to say it- I’m indirectly speaking of the West when I discuss these things.

I found this list hyperlinked on this russkie website, which is more thorough than any english site I know of. If you were serious about social justice you’d be interested in this. 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese, and from what you know about the CCP’s policies would you regard yourself as a fan of theirs?

There are some interesting looking hyperlinks at the end of that list, here’s one.

According to this link, the most powerful person in China is Jiang Mianheng. Ever heard of him? Me neither. Know who has?

Another one, and what to look out for

For a while, it was rumored that Deng Zhifang had left the United States to live in seclusion. But insiders say that Deng Zhifang is still doing business in Zhuhai, but he has changed his name so as not to attract attention.

Now who can we think of in our own countries that change their names? Nobody? Ah.

Anyway, back to Jiang. We know of another Jiang, Shigong, I wonder if there’s any relation? I learn of this one from an older article though, there’s been reshufflings since then

I do wonder how loyal they are to each other though. Bo is allowed to wear suits in the Tiger Cage, has access to a library, TV, etc. (probably his old contacts visit him too who knows).

Can you imagine our princelings asking us that? What freedom are you not getting? We can already detect that duplicity from them now, and it can only get worse if we synthesize with China. I myself don’t want to be sold off to be mummified due to yknow liking to read books and all that. Xi’s idol buried people like me alive. Some days I already do feel that way, to be honest with you, and I’d prefer if it wouldn’t literally happen.

Obviously I’m hinting about something else with all this

Who else can you think of that might know a thing or two about guanxi?

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