The authors of one of those books I’ve linked to (yeah I know, you lose track) did an interview that could serve as an intro

And as teh dialectic goes on and on and on, I find myself searching for 太子党 on a Taiwanese search engine (the geopolitics of Taiwan will be for another day- they’re freer than the China mainland).

I find a few initial results in the search worth reading, and especially this intrigues me from a banned/forbidden books site

You can more conveniently read this 👁️ using the translation maneuver I detailed recently.

I don’t even know where to start with these Taiwan links to click

USG getting torched – check. CCP getting torched – check.

These are serious allegations, and I’ve only seen one photo that confirms this is true, which I don’t even want to post because no one should see something like that, I’m hoping it’s photoshopped. We’ll see what happens, maybe it is just a conspiracy theory. If this is all true then… foreign relations with China with Biden as president… I don’t want to be part of a “disinformation” initiative myself so I’m just going to wait it out until I see more evidence for the pedophilia. The business side of this however seems to be conclusively confirmed.

If the FBI truly has had in “its” possession this laptop with these materials on it, whether relating to business or rape, then the FBI is being taken down too.

And it appears that certain Chinese citizens agree with me that there’s a “Sino-Epstein” possibility here too, so if this is true that means the princeling tyrants are being taken down as well

CIA, have any thoughts on this?

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