Tiananmen Square is a distraction from the true atrocities that occurred a few decades prior to it. That’s what the CCP is today, people who systematically revise that time in history and their connection to it. The famine for instance, that resulted in 50 or more million deaths, was referred to by the party as “Three Years of Natural Disasters” until 1981, and “Three Years of Difficulty” after 1981 – Tiananmen was in 1989, and these events are connected. Chinese power of today is rooted in Mao

That’s what “the princelings” are, it all revolves around Mao. Year 1. Some of the more fanatical Israelis are similar in believing themselves to be direct descendants of Adam.

A few of those Chinamen are speculated to have more than a trillion dollars between themselves. This was “collected” by Mao. Meanwhile, I repeat, over 50 million people died of starvation. Here is one Chinaman’s anecdote

In the second half of 1959, I took an intercity bus from Xinyang to Luoshan and Gushi . Outside the window, I saw one corpse after another in the ditches. On the bus, no one dared to mention the victims. In one county, Guangshan , a third of the people died . Although there were dead people everywhere, the local leaders enjoyed good food and excellent drinks. … I saw how people who spoke the truth were destroyed. Did I dare to write this?

It could be even more than 50 million, the CCP burns evidence and kills people who say they burn evidence. There’s a direct line between the people responsible for these deaths and the ones in power today. And these are the people who covertly interfere in our own countries, and will do so in an increasingly coercive manner in the decades on the way.

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