Another clue to help understand – our government started it

Biden gave Xi dirt, and enemies of Xi gave dirt on Biden to us.


Here is a russkie site on the Shanghai Cabal

If you read further on the first hyperlink of this post you’ll see that Bo’s daughter was involved with Hunter’s laptop. It doesn’t matter that he’s in his cage, he’s still getting his revenge on Xi, that’s hilarious. More on this connection here.

“Three hard drives” refer to three parts of the scheme, including materials of Hunter Biden and his family, the CCP senior cadres’ wealth and family maps, and Xi Jinping regime’s bioweapon and global domination scheme.

I just want to know how Xi thinks, given how secretive he is, that’s what’s most interesting to me here. Well then there’s this dimension

For more than 70 years, the CCP have been enslaving and exploiting the Chinese people. The CCP cadres all transfer and hide the money they have stolen from the Chinese people, their children, legitimate and illegitimate, their assets for their families in the safe and advanced societies like the United States. Whoever controls the information of where their money is and who their children are, controls the CCP. 

Think of this in the context of my previous post

The CCP’s goal is to take control of the world and rewrite the rules. If Biden wins the election, the CCP will probably have a big step forward towards their goal.

It’s a party of the descendants responsible for the worst famine in history, and meanwhile our own democrat party is backed by the people responsible for all the deaths in the middle east, not to mention the hundred countries that the CIA has meddled with. Both sides need to be ousted. Both sides run on the platform of being “the good guy”, give me a break, they all deserve the electric chair.

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