That is interesting Vavilov

It is interesting to note that the rhetoric and even the speech patterns of the top political leadership of China are in many ways reminiscent of the political rhetoric of the late USSR.

No one knows the CCP better than him, based on my research so far. Picking up where the Soviets left off, learning from their mistakes, is what seems to be the case. People look back on Stalin and Mao and think that’s the past, that’s dead, no, it’s alive in Xi and his party.

Another way I thought of to “broaden our horizon” is to find sites like libgen that are specifically “for” a given country. I found this russkie one for instance that isn’t helping me very much, it just gave me the idea. Because you can find books that aren’t in English on that Z-library I link to a lot, I just expect an Taiwanese version of that, say, to have many more results in searches.

Vavilov’s book kinda just looks cool if you ask me, and all of our media doesn’t want you to think that

“You aren’t to know one of our enemy’s perceptions of another one of our enemies!” Grow up. From my experience, they portray the US more accurately than the US portrays itself.

Elsewhere, Vavilov claims that the American notion that Russia is authoritarian is bogus. I don’t even know what to believe anymore, everything our MSM tells us has made me a 100% cynic. Did you even pause the other day when I linked to another one of those people affiliated with Rapin’ Bill who mysteriously jumped out of a window? No, that’s just normal. If Russia is authoritarian I don’t think we’re much different. Anyway, back to typing certain translated words and names into foreign search engines.

Each one of these lines takes a tremendous amount of mental effort to form

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