You’d trust me to make a shady deal with the covert agencies wouldn’t you? I’m pretty much the only one who isn’t a sell-out that I know of, that’s why I’m so hated, because everyone knows I’m right about them. They have to present the world with a face that isn’t a sell-out, then they visit here and remember what they are. It’s been happening for years, they’re so easy to see through that their act is dull at this point. Whatever pal, neechski calls this worldview aristocratism, it’s existed for centuries, millennia, and so has its peasantry counterpart that despises it. Call it what you want, I trust him the most, it’s all about trust, and there are very few people I trust. All the sell-outs in the world, and all they can do is read this and get MAD!

One funny mick that inspired me was George Carlin, I’ve mentioned before that I read his books when I was too young for that kind of material probably. He’d probably think it was kind of funny to be called a mick, that’s old school. Not many people are old school anymore, you mostly only find them in books now. Anyway, Carlin was the one that introduced 9, 10 year old me to the notion of to elections and democracy being “rigged”. This is something pretty much everyone believes. The only way to get to the truth about what that word really means is to sound impolite, and talk the way they do on the “streets”. For instance, I don’t trust kikes, nor do I trust people who flatter them, and that’s pretty much everyone. Sorry that this makes you mad. Well, everyone pretends they’re not corrupt and that they know what “rigging” means. They present a face to the public that says “I’m not a fraud, I believe in the truth.” Nah, I see through you, every day, I rarely see someone who demonstrates that they’re not a sell-out. And no, it’s not about da JOOZ, that’s only the most telling symptom that you’re in some way a “bought” person, a sickening slave as I like to refer to it. Some might even call you a pussy, if we were on the street that is. Does that make you mad? Your opinion doesn’t matter if you’re a sell-out, so I don’t care if you’re mad. Any time you talk about politics or the system know that I see you as the very thing you try to give the impression to others that you’re against. A total sell-out, sack of shit, that’s what someone would tell you to get to the real truth of the matter. Democracy is rigged, and your own soul is rigged. Your opinion doesn’t matter when you’re someone like that. You can always redeem yourself and say something that isn’t safe for once in your pathetic life, sadly though I know you won’t, for all the reasons stated above.

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