I still think this is the strangest site I’ve found for a while, the one that was on a Taiwanese search engine.

One would expect that after all my searching, being the rabid antisemite that I am, I’d be able to link you to a corresponding “ZOG banned news” site. No dear reader, I do not have such a link to give you. I only have one from this “alternate dimension” across the sea.

What do you think that means?

I’m finding all sorts of news and pdfs on this site about how the CCP works. And I don’t have a ready link to offer you on how our version of the CCP works. Weird, no? I’m constantly researching that kind of thing, and yet I haven’t found a site like that.

How the secular and religious, religiously secular wings of our blessed Judaeo-Christians operate. No, I don’t mean a site dedicated to anti-semitism per se, because describing this mechanism as the “Cathedral” has some accuracy with its pointing to Christianity, cladistics, etc. It’s how Christians work with Jews, how they talk with each other, the business they do, their sacred cows and taboos, I don’t know a site I can give you for that. Seems like a pressing set of issues that would demand its own site, if not many many sites. The internet itself is a psyop in that sense, given that our general idea of it is that it’s a historically unprecedented information distributor which borders on perfection, right? We do think that. It’s not true, otherwise I’d be able to give you a link to a site like that. This has a religious meaning as well. Judaeo-Christianity values ignorance. Not to sound like an atheist, because I’m not, I literally have faith in God, my own idea of God, I just think that the foundations of that particular belief-nexus call for ignorance, indeed designate it as mandatory, and that’s why there’s no site on what I’m talking about, nor any book I can think of. Some networks of anons know the exact ethos I’m describing and they do their part, I just am unaware of any sustained site that is devoted to describing the system as we understand it. Just weird if you ask me. The people who serve the CCP are kept stupid, and the people who serve our overlords here are kept stupid, it’s part of the very structure of both belief-systems. And like I’ve said before, they have most people under such an absolute control that they don’t even care to want to find such a site, and anyone who mentions these kinds of things they have conditioned to get frustrated with. Does me talking about this frustrate you? Is that you that’s frustrated or is that them? Have they taught you to be that way? Are you unable to escape? Are there Chinese versions of me that talk like this about the CCP and snap their fingers in front of people’s faces? To no avail mostly?

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