What a chaotic year. “Why can’t life be like those 1950s BBQ ads?” It’s probably going to keep going. “It’s 2021 now, things are different.” Yeah right. Pretend the word “democracy” doesn’t exist, you’ve never heard of it. Thinking of 2020, do you like democracy, if we were to call it that? Everyone is a utopianist in their own way and the world is never going to be perfect, I just strongly suspect that it would be closer to perfect if we all weren’t tricked into watching this stage-play, and could devote 100% of our attention to more important matters that arguably better define what it is to be human. I’ve said before that the reason I care about politics at all is because if the political order continues on the path it’s on, those things that define being human are going to diminish more and more.

I believe that we’re creatures of authority whether we like it or not. The ones I bring up most are Plato and Nietzsche, do I believe everything they say? No, they just guide me, and they’re the ones I’ve found that I disagree with least. It’s similar to people who only consoom the MSM. Do they think for themselves to some degree? Many of them probably. They are however guided by them. I say this because when I wonder about what could bring us closer to a utopia on earth, my first thought is that they’re the ones who need to be disempowered.

Is free press a good thing? Of course. Ours is not free. People, especially younger generations, tend to see corporations as bad. They don’t apply that same sense to the press, shows, etc. Your average person also tends to say that corporations should be held accountable in the way that a human is. They don’t apply that to the MSM and I think that’s the root of how they’re deceived. If you saw it as one person, one very powerful person, more powerful than Trump or Xi probably, then you’d start to get the idea of what we mean by cathedral. It would be more concrete to call it Pope. It might as well be one person, scattered into multiple businesses and multiple methods of influence, that all agree about pretty much everything. Imagine that it has a face. What would you say to that face? What questions would you ask? “Why do you hide the fact that you might as well be one person with one general goal?” “Because that would interfere with my goal.” There are three main powers in the world, and as I’ve been detailing for you, they’re all in a way their own one person. Regardless we can break them into- China, MSM, Trump. Western plutocrats, probably even ones involved with the MSM, have a covert presence in China. Trump, having to kowtow to zionism, clearly has a similarity to the MSM. China leading ideology is from a westerner. They’re all One Person in a certain sense. At the same time one can distinguish between all three of them. I don’t think China is all bad, in fact, if Trump were more like Xi in certain ways that could lead us closer to a utopia. Corrupt people get shot there by the government, we’ll just put it that way. At the same time we don’t want to be like China. And between the MSM and Trump, the MSM is more similar to China- authoritarian power, coordinated brainwash – what, you don’t like one guy’s personal tweets? We all deserve better than 2020. I’ll reason with you okay? They don’t need to be killed, they just need to be moderated. We should be able to have an MSM for the right as well, and no, Fox doesn’t count as that, that’s just a less liberal outlet that many have decided to accept. Like my post from earlier today, why isn’t there any kind of site similar to the one I’m looking for? There are so many ideas in that general direction of thinking that aren’t able to exist in allowed reality, and yet they’d bring us closer to a utopia if they could.

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