Iranians are freer, Chinese are freer

The princelings must “know”

Let’s see what’s on their internet shall we – 犹太

This is one of the suggested searches at the end of the first page of baidu – 美国的犹太人势力有多强

Finding lots of interesting links with that

This Chinaman believes the WASPs are represented by the Morgans

I wonder what the Chinese think about this fact from the country next door

A coincidental year?

That Vavilov says there are active debates among the CCP on how to avoid what happened to the Russians during that time. I don’t know if they discuss you know what. Based on these baidu links, many of their citizens anyway are aware.

The federal reserve – suspicious names here

Have you seen the conspiracies related to the Titanic in connection with this? I’m not sure if they’re true, some of them are an eyebrow raiser however.

I like the emojis the Chinese use

(Can study and decipher the mysteries of Jews, and China can dominate the world) 

Better wipe that look off your face chinkie, because you’re next.

click click click, finally a search on the Chinese internet that is freer than google. Google the same question that’s put in mandarin above and look at the results, total joke.

“often” according to one Xu

It is often said that American money is in Jewish pockets.

That’s what I’ve been saying Xu!

Americans today open their eyes in the morning and deal with Jews directly and indirectly.

From an August article

Many people say that the actual owners of the United States are Jews.

MENA knows… China knows? And yet the US itself doesn’t?

I keep seeing this theme on baidu

The power of American Jews is a well-known and even talkative subject.

From 2014

They must have some books on this??

Keep making excuses for why you voluntarily help the kikes with their goals, you worthless person who should be shot.

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