Here’s a Chinaman asking the right question

A conspicuous place he mentions. Out of all the places in China he could’ve talked about

I have said before that the privatization of national wealth will ultimately benefit foreign capital… In June, the fact that ConocoPhillips polluted Bohai Bay was disclosed by CNOOC employees. But ConocoPhillips ignored it.

Bohai. Does that ring a bell to you? Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Bohai Harvest. Which also happens to be China’s oldest private equity firm. Just a coincidence? That’s just a random article I clicked after searching baidu for 犹太人会控制中国吗?

ConocoPhillips, a Texas-based oil corporation. Anyone think about Dubya immediately? Hunter is also involved in a Chinese mining business in Africa. Here’s our pal Neil

I lose track of all the corruption I’ve found on Hunter. I didn’t even bother posting it yesterday because I know people don’t care – that’s what we mean by “nihilists” by the way, people who don’t care about anything.

Idunno, is this something to care about?

How about this, face-recognition technology

This isn’t even the worst of it, I already told you there are various links of evidence that show how he sold them secrets pertaining to nukes! That’s the worst possible threat to national security. “Here ya go.” Whatever, the orange man is that bad that no one would care if he was an incestuous pedophile either. Orange man bad! Truly disturbing.

Anyway, looking for Chinese books on realpolitik at its finest

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