Finally happened upon something more engaging than contemporary politics. Thank you Chinese people. I’m sure that will be connected somehow though unfortunately.

I guess it’s pretty easy to see a connection here already, and I really thought I was avoiding that.

Is he still writing somewhere? His last publication was in 2013, the one following his work on freemasonry, “Greek Pseudo History”.

I love how there are probably schizos who read this kind of stuff I post and get eye-twitchy. Here’s one for you

The tradcaths will like this one too. That would be a brilliant idea to do that. Is it just me or does this strike you as somewhat offensive? I appreciate the Chinese for that, this is potential genealogy that could turn our entire history upside-down. I just wonder to what degree this itself is a form of historical revisionism. “West bad, China good”. Nonetheless this does intrigue me. Could we perhaps uncover the true “merchant of Venice”? I saw mention of that play scrolling the Chinese internet earlier by the way.

I might do a post on this conspiracy soon, here’s the site and replies if you’re interested. And He Xin has a book on it that I have to find still- no pdf of his one on “freemasonry” is available from what I can tell. He seems to be highly regarded in China.

Here’s another perspective from them that I liked slash see as Chinese revisionism

I swear, I’m not trying to get political, I just have an interest in philosophy and theology, Athens versus Jerusalem. You’re like “Here we go again!” I’m not even kidding, that’s what I’m interested in. Because I think of one of my favorite lecturers, Michael Sugrue, and what he had to say about this subject

This favorable view harkens back to the reinforcement given to political power by religion in the older “river valley” civilizations. Platonism might be thought of as bolstering these conceptions which were evident in Egypt and Mesopotamia. In this sense, Platonism may be thought of as a backward-looking, conservative philosophy. Plato thought that speculation into the natural sciences (cf. the Ionian and Eleatic schools) brought about an immoral, impious attitude that created centrifugal forces that blasted Greek society apart, and he is trying to put it back to rights. He is searching for the overlap between mythos and logos.

Are you starting to see what I’m hinting at here?

No one really knows though, because they want to live in their own version of the revision of history. For instance, the one prevalent today about Egyptians, we wuz kangs, that’s a good one. And it’s even more controversial to say that they weren’t the original inhabitants of the country of Palestine. Muslims in that region refer to Israel as “the Zionist entity” which I find amusing. Anyway more from Sugrue to try to understand this mystery

We’re getting into real genealogy now. The Hebrews and the Greeks have something similar about them. I wonder how accurate this is? Am I a revisionist myself for bringing this up? No I just want to know history, I even posted that theory from the Chinese that I don’t really like, because I want to know the truth.

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