This looks like it could be a good one

We have no idea how controlled he is though, this could be another psyop – I do like the sound of this

Just an Australian guy being a dude, what’s so wrong with it?

What “they” are running is an Ape Breeding Program, and if you don’t declare your allegiance then they make you look like less of an ape yourself. No, there are truly people who are a cross between ape and human in the world and you don’t want to be part of their plan. All they want to do is be able to control you because you won’t be smart enough to criticize them if you are part ape. This is Esoteric Gibsonism in my view. He can deny all he wants, I’m sure they control him too. They want you to be similar to a monkey so they can tell you what to do that much easier. Why isn’t this mentioned in the newspapers across the world? Because the ones who control the newspapers want this to happen. Reflect on the first two pictures of this post. That’s the reality of morality. You want to turn us into apes, then, I wonder what the genuine response is to that? Could you even voice it if you wanted to? No, so we will create a mafia using the internet in order to murder them, do you capeesh? All the different ones against them in the world should unite. All the Indians and Chinese are against people like me for instance, and I ask them, are they really? Hinduism and Confucianism is similar to my way of thinking. We should find similarities and unite against the real enemy of the world, the ones who have a bitter vengeful history for being kicked out of over 100 countries. You don’t want that type of people in your country.

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