Trying to get an idea of whether the Chinese public is aware that the moon is a giant diamond in the sky. Not many results for helium-3. The first link superstitiously warns of apocalypse

Excellent, it’s good for us for them to think that way. Then on another link I see this face again

Does this emoji say something about them? I keep seeing it. Looks like the kind of face that would meddle with my oxygen system at 2AM, maybe that’s just me.

You’re going wait wait wait what about how they think western history is a fabrication–I’ll probably get to that later. World history, specifically, western, is going to be one of the main subjects to study at a lunar university because it’s so fundamental to shaping a people’s worldview. It’s underestimated how fundamental it really is. There’s a reason that amazon bans the books that it does. My favorite gegengeschichte involves WW2 as is known- the Chinese probably have some interpretations of those events and the forces and agents behind them that we wouldn’t expect. Counter-counter-histories. Of course even that is not allowed to be debated here, where we are confined to the basic history we’re taught in school. Earlier I was thinking about reading Harry Potter as a kid and how that was pure postwar propaganda in story-form, which is even more powerful than history proper- “story”, or one might call it “story history”. It’s kind of funny how Aleister Crowley is the true unspoken Voldemort of those books, only few will understand this. Anyway, Crowley’s way of thinking, so-called freemasonry, the curation of history and “story history”, Zarathustra, these things are all related and pertain to what I have called the view-from-above that the slaves are cognitively incapable of. I wonder if some of the bilderbergers understand that, people like Soros certainly don’t, nor do others in control like “our” (your) techlords, those poindexter nerds who learned how to put in contacts to disguise their nature, decadent aristocrats like the rothchilds, their own victims of nepotism, I could talk smack all day about all these people who are imprisoned by their time, which clearly shows based on the material reality we experience every day in the form of the public opinion that they have engineered. Whoops went on a tangent there- Zarathustra is arguably the greatest counter-history in history. That’s so to speak “off the books” however- that is not a fact for the demotic sphere to grasp. We’re talking about the plane of Ideas, and clearly the Torah takes the cake on that one, as far as popular movements go. Kabbalah is the elitist equivalent of the esoteric meaning of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. TSZ would have to be made into a popular religion somehow to form a real neo-illuminati. The Torah is a type of Harry Potter series (ha tell that to a rabid zionist), a story history. Does that mean everything is made up? No, many Kabbalists are in contact with mystical realities, or you can think of secular versions of them, “number people” who understand Kapital as well as Marx did and exploit it to their advantage. What TSZ, and Beyond Good and Evil, the Genealogy, etc. do is, among other things, reveal the inner-workings of so-called Revelation, which fundamentally motivate these number people without their being aware of it. Even the secular ones. They don’t see what they do as motivated by a story history which I, without even joking, place in a genre similar to Harry Potter. TSZ, like Crowley, like Leary, is different because it explicitly speaks in terms of the eighth circuit, or the ground of the Will, in other words. Some of them might be similar to them, I just haven’t seen much evidence for that. Shamir for instance is closer to that, though still confined by the writers who created YHWH, as is Dugin, who believes that Israel is supposed to be a place for all Abrahamic Monotheists. TSZ enthusiasts, some might call them zealots of their own stripe, which is really a de-exotericized Platonism, see all these zionists, jesuit-helpers, muhammaden suicide-bombers as all victims of delusion, all duped by the J. K. Rowlings who invented YHWH, of course you’re not allowed to talk about this, because discussions of theology are off-limits in this theologically-controlled time of ours. What it is is really a lowkey, systematic, rabbinical, priestly, hemlocking of Socratic gnosis, of Dionysus, if you want to speak more in terms of divinity.

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