While it’s possible that this is orchestrated CCP propaganda, I’m trying to read it seriously because it seems it’s from a renowned scholar – and no, looking at our own academy I’m aware that these two things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. Here’s the first link I found

Few Chinese people know that there are at least two Roman empires in history (there are far more than two Roman empires in actual history).

Some chapters

This is too good to be true, we have a rat beyond all rats if there is indeed evidence for these sorts of claims. Postwar historiography is questionable, that’s for rookies, how about all of western historiography? Trying to up the ante here.

Don’t make me laugh He Xin

It’s not bad to leave some flaws for the fake foreign devils to pick up and soothe their inferiority and pain. 

Mask off with this Chinaman

Greece as a country did not exist before 1832… The manuscripts are all after the 15th century…

I don’t know what to think of this guy, for now I’m taking this as a psychological case-study of a Han brahmin

I haven’t seen any evidence for his claims yet, this is just an interview I found, not his book, and I’m just wondering what would motivate him to write on this subject.

they thought Greece was the ancestral grave of the Western white foreign devils—this ancestral grave can’t be taken away! 

This is a challenging case, because one of my first impulses is to react defensively, and tell him that his country is the real book-burner and revisionist par excellence of the world, when it’s fairer to say both sides are likely revisionist.

This reminds me of that debate I was pulling from the other day between the Singaporean and former lieutenant – invigorating! People tend to find similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, when you think of east/west dialogues, super dull pluralistic worldview inspired crap in my opinion. THIS is a real question – centuries-old revisionism.

This is getting to be my refrain- if it’s a conspiracy theory after all is said and done, at least it was an entertaining one

In fact, the so-called “Renaissance” is this movement to forge ancestral graves. 

I don’t speak Chinese so I can’t be too accurate in a “diagnosis”, his words though seem to express hurt.

If you think back to my post about Mao’s famine and how they cover it up, and if you think of how they still haven’t entirely moved on from what they call the Century of Humiliation, it makes sense that they would react this way.

Following his line of thinking sympathetically though, well, first off, I’ve said before that any person who juxtaposes Confucius and Aristotle and tells you they’re equals is being a bleeding-heart, Confucius is nothing next to Aristotle- it’s possible that some writers that we know as ancient greeks were originally chinese, and they were carried via the silk road to other places in the world, meanwhile burned without a trace in China. It’s possible! How he would prove that on the other hand is another story that I’m investigating now. It’s especially intriguing that the book he wrote prior to this one was on “freemasonry”. We will learn either that the foundation of western history is fabricated or we will get a look at contemporary revisionism in China, so win win.

My initial sense is that he’s similar to Xi in that he seeks to walk his own path rather than follow the western one. This is a mistake that many POC make. They prefer to study POC writers while demonizing the western ones that can actually help them.

On the other hand, this can be seen as the work of an ideological mastermind, given that they see the west as evil, it seems pragmatic to attack the root itself rather than present-day surface manifestations.

Someone from a forum discussion

I wonder if the latter book here is a beautification of sorts. Beautify China, discredit the West, would make sense. If China does indeed “rise” beyond us, you can expect this sort of thing to be mainstreamed in the west.

Heh, another good one

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