Someone posted this image of He Xin, I had this thought too

If you write books on “freemasonry” and the fabrication of history there’s a chance you’re something of a lizard person yourself. Why did he suddenly stop writing seven years ago anyway? Is he in the Tiger Cage?

This is at the end of one thread on him

Yeah, they’re so bad there! At least they’re formal about it, that’s honest to put it that way. “Politically sensitive”. You just get disappeared here. What happened to some of my favorite frogpeople? Too politically sensitive to say it’s politically sensitive.

From another He Xin link

Looks like a form of honesty to me.

-thought of Jack in a noose-

This link directs me to a “private discussion” that you need to sign in to access. I wonder if there is a Chinese underworld on baidu? That would be amazing if I could find different ones from different countries – they must exist in some form?

Just hopping around baidu, looking for alternate interpretations of western history, and this might count as evidence for the theory that the Renaissance was engineered

The Medicis were usurers and I wonder if they saw eye to eye with “freemasonic” usurers. Good luck finding a reliable book on that in English.

I keep seeing the 15th century brought up

after the 15th century, a large number of paper documents began to appear. As for whether these documents are inherited or fabricated by literati, there is no textual research, but it is certain that since the 15th century The editions of the documents handed down in the future are much less than ours… At that time, every time a monument was discovered, They will find evidence from these documents, or find historical sites according to the records of the documents… How many monuments were imitated according to the literature is unknowable…

Is this just a normal opinion over there?

The history of faith in Europe was after the 18th century, and the history of Europe before the 18th century cannot be verified.

It’s true that we look at China and think of them as changing history across their history and we look at our own history as innocent and accurate. Like I said, a rat beyond all rats if we could substantiate this line of suspicion.

Maoists up to their usual tricks

Scaliger used Chinese materials to write two “pseudo-historical classics”-“Time Correction” and “Chronology”, the content of which is mainly his “chronology” framework-“Bible Chronicles” and its Subsystem, the latter includes “Ancient Civilization” (Egypt-Two Rivers) and “Classical Civilization” (Greece-Rome). 

Once again though, good luck even being able to speculate on this

fabricated “God’s chosen people”

China is probably the only country you could expect this theory from.

This is another Chinaman

Zhu Xuanzhi lecturer: The modern West is China’s “sub-civilization”. 
Mr. Zhu Xuanzhi stood at the forefront of rethinking Western centralism and introduced the latest research in foreign countries.

This is just pure craziness. Elaborate rationalization.

Still, it’s the best conspiracy theory I’ve seen for a while. Who knows what happened during the Opium War. And before that. Marco Polo’s travels were around 1300. I’m just trying to be sympathetic to these people. If China controlled the world they’d probably alter our idea of history, so why wouldn’t we have done the same thing centuries ago? If you feel messed with at all from my posts on this, then you might get the idea of how malleable history is. All in all I find these Chinese trolls highly amusing. They claim we stole the figure of the Trickster from them too, ironically.

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