Something they say causes nihilism (虚无主义) over there – the Doubting Antiquity School (疑古派)

The reason why the old things are mentioned here is because it is related to our attitude towards Chinese history and our cultural self-confidence. It can be said that the antiquity school is the source of the evil of historical nihilism.

I bet you can expect what I say next- There seems to be something similar in the west.

There are three main histories that can be doubted. They all reinforce each other. There’s antiquity, the recent past, and then recent events.

Let’s look at the obvious fact. This is the year 2020, that means two thousand and twenty years after Christ. That would align approximately with “antiquity” for us since the Greeks are–and it never stops being suspicious to me–designated as barbarians implicitly. Things aren’t the same they are regarding year 1 as they used to be, and that’s a pretty recent change. Doubting Christ’s divinity is just a normal thing one can hear. You used to be looked down upon for that in our countries. Now it’s seen as a good sign to not be one of those superstitious Christians who believe in a bearded man in the sky. So that’s the first type of history. The next one is the recent past. Year 1 in this second type of history is clearly 1945. That cannot be doubted, because that causes historical nihilism when you doubt that. We already have historical nihilism regarding the first year 1 mentioned here. That’s what being a non-Christian means in the west- having historical nihilism about 2020 years ago. What makes you a non-zionist, so to speak, in the west today is having historical nihilism about 75 years ago. Are you a historical nihilist in both these senses like me? That’s why those Chinese conspiracists were able to mess with me by doubting greek antiquity and the renaissance, because those are what I see as sort of their own year 1’s. Greek antiquity and the Renaissance fly in the face of the designated year 1’s we are supposed to piously honor today. So what about the third history I mentioned? We’re in a democracy (at least that’s what we call this nonsense) so we break that history into 4 or 8 years. 2016 was its own kind of year 1. Is Trump Jesus? No, he is Christ-like in certain ways as much as people hate to admit it though. 2016 interfered with the year 1 that is 1945. What the people who don’t have historical nihilism about 1945 want is for 2020 to be more in line with the year 1 which is 1945. Notice that the actual year 1 has dropped out of the picture almost entirely. What 2016 did as the “recent events” form of history is that it caused historical nihilism about 1945. If Trump wins again, that will cause further historical nihilism about 1945. That’s how it works in people’s minds- history shapes them.

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