Every day, it’s just a normal reality for me to expect to be imprisoned or murdered at any moment, or for my site to be disappeared, and if the latter happens you can find me here. That won’t happen though, at least for now, because they just use me as the enemy that they can glean information off of to use against people like me.

Their idea in life is that they want people to be free. There’s a dialectic of freedom and they’ve eliminated or silenced anyone who disagrees with their idea of freedom. (Are they like the Chinese and have never read Hegel?) This leads to the opposite of freedom when they do this. They’re the representatives of what they hate most in the world.

“Give me a break, McDonald’s agrees with my way of thinking.” Yeah, I know it does.

All of those negative stereotypes around the world about Americans, that’s what they represent. You’re fat and stupid and think that all of your money and military mean anything in the real world. Nah, we see what you are. Can’t even take a disagreement. A fat, stupid, oversensitive moron, that’s what the US is.

“Can’t you just be nice about us?” Isn’t that convenient for you, to be surrounded by garbage countries and pat yourself on the back that you’re not like them.

The “CIA” takes this attitude of being a proud imbecile that they export to the rest of the world and brings it to the US too! People who are illiterate essentially. They are literate only in plastic, bureaucratic relations. They say what needs to be said in order to secure trust, and this is a scheme that’s gone on decades, possibly more.

Let’s have a talk on international television, leader of the CIA. We’ll see how you do when someone directly questions you. You won’t have any idea what to say, and if you do manage to pipe up somehow you will be reading off a script prepared for you by robots because that’s how pathetic you truly are in the very core of your soul.

So let’s talk. What’s stopping you?

It’s because I have you.

I’ll crush your skull, and it would be a careless effort.

The only reason they operate is because they engineer the silencing of people who disagree with them.

How pathetic are you? You can’t even talk?

Does the word “kike” mean anything to you? You can always defect from their US version of the CCP. I say that their behavior in the last decades and beyond has clearly shown that we should imprison them for questioning at the very least.

All the sell-outs of the world unite! You worthless people. We see you. The skulls in the ditches of the future will look at each other and wonder, Were we really corrupt, immoral people? And the answer from the living will be Yes.

Anyway, returning to the scholarly level, seeing what the Chinese people think of historiography is intriguing to me

And I immediately clicked this link here

Which reminds me of the one Nietzsche book I possess a copy of after the others were disappeared from my life

Easier to understand than Mandarin? Probably not

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