Very fine people on both sides

The CCP MUST have secret literature on this subject. Good morning, this is called using natural reason to infer knowledge about covert agencies across the globe, hello I am the King of the Earth.

Don’t like what I’m talking about? That’s because you’re controlled by the things I’m talking about.

I realized that I neglect India, 100% because of Artxell, and I shouldn’t do that, so I’ll be looking into that one of these days too.

I know it’s a controversial thing to say when we’re living in a country like the US, I’d just like to state that… countries are different. We can use their languages and their “googles” to see what they have to say about us and each other in order to get a clearer view of the world.

Today I woke up muttering to myself about how I want to have a fed in handcuffs and administer truth serum to him and smack him across the fucking face, and then I decided to settle down and ask the Chinese about the central bank of Russia. Why do I care about that? Because that’s a place that people find “political asylum” in, and it looks like that’s a no-go as well.

Just trying to look out for people here

If I need an accountant I know who to ask, okay kike? Greedy exploitative people shouldn’t be in charge of anything else. Give me some accounting advice you rotten kike.

Epstein’s parents were exiled to Siberia for espionage. All the leaders of China attended his funeral.

Did he just pretend to give up on China?

Murdoch owns the New York Post – I wonder if there’s a connection there. All the info on the CCP, Hunter, etc.

She might be involved too

A woman with influence not only in China.

Question from a 2018 Chinese person

“He’s helping us, shut up about him.” Fox is controlled opposition, I still hold a grudge.

Finding recent hagiographic material on him on the Chinese internet, hmm… I’ll be watching you.

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