This is another world –

I saw the following in that interview and realized that the Iranians probably have the most accurate takes on all those countries our best pals have been kicked out of

No results for this, I’m going to try a few different ways to translate it later. I want to know all about Queen Isabella! Think there’s an objective book on her experience with them on z-library or libgen? I’m already guessing there isn’t. How about Iran’s libgen? 10 books for every country they were expelled from? Ah this connection makes me happy. Watch, I’m going to discover that they control Iran too.

First link I click is interesting – “teh dialectic”

An ancient scandal


Xerxes was close to Socrates’ age. Probably the most important book that could be written today would be on their history of subversion and deceit in country after country.

Do the Iranians have historical documents on this or is it based on the Torah and hearsay across millennia?

This is the Jewish perspective

What would possess someone to want to annihilate them? I’m sure the Iranians have a response to that.

Esther’s cousin/”advisor” was named Mordecai. Wasn’t that Marx’s real name?

Finding conspiracies with this

Remember this from this post?

The Iranians MUST have the best takes on all this.

No results with grrrr

The Israeli google would be interesting too, to see how they respond. I’ve only looked up the USSR/Solzhenitsyn connection with that engine. Muhahaha! I wonder if they have a special slur for goys like me. Yeah right, they probably want to be my Esther in the form of an obedient housewife.

Ahh yooz isn’t that great so far, going to look for a Qatari one too. I want to visit an Iranian library.

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