Henry Kissinger is obsolete and I advise anyone of China to find different Westerners to draw wisdom from.

I’ll be real with you people- 庄子 is likely the ultimate brain of China. Falun Gong, whatever kind of opinion-control they have, Zhuangzi is the one who knows about how the world works. Both the CCP and CIA don’t want you to know about him, the one who learned from Lao Tzu. This is my reinterpretation of history anyway, is there a mandarin character for “CCP”? We’re talking about someone who can undermine the very foundation of the system, and that is the ancient sage Zhuangzi.

Even Xi Jinping shivers in his boots when you invoke his name. He’s the One, he’s the genius of China.

Again, this is only my interpretation and I’ve still yet to have a candid conversation with a Chinese scholar about these matters. There’s a good chance that the translate system there is flawed, Jwanza is not someone who is understandable in typical English. Suffice it to say that, in my American interpretation, he is one who would have sent a message to the Americans that they should have a conversation.

What is the meaning of virtue, that is something a reader of Zhuangzi might wonder. No, they can’t have that talk, can they, Chinaman reading this? He’s the sage of China, and mcamericans can’t understand him to this day.

“What about Mao, Tiananmen, the CCP today?” – Zhuangzi is the one you should study closely, the nobility of your country reads him and never say that they do.

The Chinese version

亨利·基辛格(Henry Kissinger)已过时,我建议中国任何一个国家找到其他西方人来汲取智慧。
我将与您同在-庄子可能是中国的终极大脑。法轮功,无论他们有什么意见控制权,庄子都是知道世界如何运转的人。中共和中央情报局都不想让你了解他,这是从老子那里学到的东西。无论如何,这是我对历史的重新解释,“ CCP”有普通话吗?我们正在谈论的是可能破坏系统基础的人,那就是古老的圣人庄子。

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